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Our product work & design

Our brand CleverLab

provides laboratory furniture, layout, design, & workflow services. Our furniture line includes base cabinets, wall cabinets, high cabinets, fume hoods, laboratory tables, sinks, water & gas fixtures, waste fittings, electrical, and more.

WE WILL RAISE QUALITY AND LOWER YOUR BUDGET – Include Development Of Laboratory Designs From User Concepts Through Manufacturing & Installation. 

OUR SERVICES: Start by gathering all the information down to the smallest details, then return with concept drawings and estimates without obligation. We then turn your needs, concerns, safety requirements, and concepts into more information, solutions, designs to a laboratory that is exactly what you want.

Layout design

For all kind of laboratory

lab furniture layout

Perspectiven design

For all kind of laboratory

lab furniture perspective

Color simulation

For all kind of laboratory

Various scopes of work

We design and simulate your dream laboratory set up on various spaces such as containers and renovate and improve your lab, including the building renovation work. We also provide the turnkey lab solution that includes lab equipment and facility systems like gas and ventilation systems.

Laboratory Turnkey

lab furniture

Laboratory Renovation 

Laboratory Special

Lab in container

We cover for all types of lab furniture

Stainless Steel work, steelwork and wood work

Stainless steel work

lab furniture stainless steel

Steel work 

lab furniture steel

Wood work

lab furniture wood

Style of our design

Underbench unit and frame structure

Under bench unit

Various types of under-bench unit design depend upon your equipment and function. For example, the heavyweight lab equipment should be placed on the workbench on top of plinths

On plinth

For all kind of laboratory

On castors susended

For all kind of laboratory

lab furniture 3D

Frame structure

A frame

For all kind of laboratory

lab furniture a frame

C frame

For all kind of laboratory

lab furniture c frame

Our design style and dimension

Island bench design

For all kind of laboratory

island bench lab furniture

Wall bench design

For all kind of laboratory

wall bench lab furniture
wall bench lab furnniture

Sink design

For all kind of laboratory

sink lab furniture

Our base cabinet design & structure

Cupboard and drawer sets are in 400, 600 , and 800 mm. width. All modules are interchangeable.

-Structure Melamine laminated particleboard and melamine edge binding. thickness 16 mm.

– Door panel and drawer Melamine laminated particleboard and hot seal PVC edge binding. thickness 19 mm.

– Drawer runner

Epoxy coated steel with integral slaps sliding through a plastic roller carriage.

– Handle PVC Grip section.

– Hinge Steel coated with chromium.

– Shelf Melamine laminated particle board and melamine edge binding. thickness 16 mm.

Wooden full height and
functional cabinet

Steel full hight and functional cabinet

Various bench style – wall & island bench

Balance Table

balance table

Work Top Surface

Stoneware / Black Granite


Coapactlaminate Lab Grage


Cold Rooled Steel Sheet With Epoxy Power Coat

Stainless Steel 

balance table
balance table

With our color simulation, You will get your favorite color
for your Laboratary

Baby Blue Color

Enjoy the best Salmon Color

Dark Blue


We have different worktops material to fulfill your working requirement

These worktops are durable for chemical resistance and heat resistance:

Epoxy resin work top

Work surfaces are made using superior quality quartz sand and epoxy mixed with special bonds formulated to achieve optimum chemical resistance. Epoxy resin worktops have excellent mechanical strength and flatness and are manufactured precisely. They are durable, easy to clean, and heat resistant, with standard thicknesses of 19 mm

Phenolic resin work top

Work surfaces are available in Standard thicknesses of 16 mm., 20 mm., and 25 mm. They are also available in a wide range of colors. Our Phenolic resins surface is chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance, economic panel sizes, scratch resistance & durable round performance, and easy to clean

Granite work top

Works faces are available in a wide range of colors. Standard thicknesses of 19 mm. Suitable for heat resistance

Stainless steel work top

lab furniture stainless steel

Melamine work top

Worktop with a limited level of chemical resistance is recommended for desk worktops, mobile benches, instrument benches. It is Not suitable for most aggressive acids, solvents, bases, and oxidants. Works surfaces with high-density particleboard Cores—standard thicknesses of 28 mm.



The Laboratory sink is a good quality for chemical resistant by using material as following
PP (Polypropylene) sink
Chemical and heat resistant.

PP sink for lab furniture
PP lab furniture sink

Stainless Steel Sink

SUS 304, 316 Stainless chemical and heat resistant.

stainless steel sink

Sink With Cabinet


Pegboards Small & Large Size
Bottle Trap
sink bottle trap
Laboratory Faucet
stainless steel faucet
triple outlet faucet

Emergency Shower & Eye Washer

Emergency Shower

FC4X Emergency shower

Material : 304 stainless steel copper and ABS Eye Washer basin , coated with and corrosion epoxy outside.

Eye washer head : the eject outlet to clean the eye and head

Shower head : the eject outlet to clean the head and body

Water out volume : 

Eye washer head 12-18 L/min

Shower head 120-180 L/min

emergency shower

Eye Wash

lab eyewash
lab eyewash

Lab Water & Gas Valve

Lab Water Valve

lab water valve

Lab Gas Valve

lab gas valve
lab gas valve 45
lab gas valve pp knob

Shelf & Storage


lab shelf


lab storage

Gas System

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lab furniture